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Trixie Luna Reflective Rain Jacket


Bright companion for dark times

The practical raincoat Lunas not only protects your dog from rain and moisture: Due to the fully reflective fabric, the dog coat shines in the light and attracts the attention of others.

When walking in the fall and winter, the dog jacket provides safety in the dark and is a good complement to flasher or luminous collar. In addition, the waterproof fabric, generous cut and extra high dog coat collar provide good protection in the wet season. The generous fit makes the luminous raincoat suitable for many dog breeds.

Small - back length - 36cm, chest circumference - 41-74cm, neck - 38cm
Medium - back length - 45cm, chest circumference - 44-86cm, neck - 54cm
Large - back length - 55cm, chest circumference - 50-96cm, neck 58cm

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